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Joyda Cidre - PacMan Piquette 2021

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This fermentation was lucky enough to have a harvest of the best apples from the highlands meet the best wine from natural wine producer. The apples are of the Matčino variety, with grapes of Pinots Noir and Muscat of Alexandria. Together they fermented for 33 days in a stainless steel tank. We first pressed the pinot and muscat grapes (only by themselves) and used them to make wine for our own consumption, then we poured cider over them. After 33 days, we removed the grapes from the must and let only the liquid ferment - for another 4 months in a stainless steel tank. We infused the must during the ongoing fermentation and fermented it in the bottle, therefore it is sparkling co-ferment.
No added sulphur and other additives, Unfiltered, Unsprayed apples, Grapes from organic vineyard.

Aroma: Dominant apricot marmalade with notes of bergamot complemented by tangerine, orange peel, crucifers and meadow honey.
Taste: It is fresh, attractive with notes of citrus fruit, bergamot, tangerine, candied orange peel with a long spicy finish.
Note: the cider will keep for at least 14 days open in the fridge without tending to spoil - suitable for pouring by the glass