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Joyda Cidre - Red label 2020

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Dry, pet-nat (lightly sparkling) cider. 3 months on stainless steel on coarse sludge, infused in a light fermentation process, aged on the bottle.
The apples come from the vicinity of my grandmother's cottage in the foothills of the Orlické Mountains - some of them are collected from relatives' gardens and then from the alley by the dirt road - all of them are old trees - the varieties are then - virgin Czech, Matčino, Boskoopská red and a mix of several other apple varieties, which I didn't identify but the sensory quality was good 🙂. No added sulphur and other additives, Unfiltered, Unsprayed apples.
Aroma: Distinctive apple aroma with hints of cantaloupe, floral and herbal notes (motherwort, violet and lilac), apricot and meadow honey.
Taste: Smooth and fresh with notes of citrus (lime, pomelo), nettle and a longer spicy finish
Note: the cider will keep for at least 14 days open in the fridge without tending to spoil - suitable for pouring by the glass. ABV. 5.5%