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Joyda Cidre - Heaven Piquette 2021

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Our friend Aleš from Tasovice (natural wine producer) donated some of the grapes we used to macerate our cider from the Matčina variety, again from the Highlands. Since Aleš had a surplus of grape must, he poured his surplus into our piquette, which means that this bunch contains about 10% of Veltliner must in addition to the pure cider. That is why the alcohol content of this piquette is a bit higher - 7%. 
Aging on stainless steel took 2 months and the cider was on the skins of the Grüner Veltliner for the whole time. So 60 days maceration. Bottled in the ongoing fermentation process after two months of maturation on stainless steel. The apples come from the same trees as the previous piquette - 100% Mother's from the Highlands. No added sulphur and other additives, Unfiltered, Unsprayed apples. Dry, slithly sparkling co-ferment.
Aroma: the aroma shows notes of grapefruit, pear, green pepper, fresh herbs and pomelo
Taste: The taste blends two worlds, the freshness of the Matčino variety and the fullness of the Veltliner Zelený with a dominant note of pomelo, green pepper and fresh herbs
Note: the cider will keep for at least 14 days open in the fridge without tending to spoil - suitable for pouring by the glass. ALc. 7%