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Joyda Cidre - Mother's piquette 2021

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Mother's piquette, this is when you combine the best that Vysočina has to offer in the form of apples and Pinot Noir grapes from Velký Krtíš. Every year we make our own wines for our own use, buying grapes from our friends. We left the wine to macerate for just 3 days, then pressed it ourselves (put it in a barrel and made our own pinot) and topped the still juicy grapes with fresh cider from the Highlands, of the Matčino variety, which I consider to be the top of what a cider maker can have. Aging on stainless steel took place for 2 months and during the whole time the cider lay on the skins of Pinot Noir. Thus, a 60-day maceration. Bottled in the ongoing fermentation process after two months of maturation on stainless steel.
No added sulphur and other additives, Unfiltered, Unsprayed apples. Dry and sparkling co-ferment.
Aroma & Taste: Attractive notes of strawberries, cherries, fresh flowers, raspberries, rare spices and meadow honey can be found in the taste and aroma.  
Note: the cider will keep for at least 14 days open in the fridge without tending to spoil - suitable for pouring by the glass. ABV. 5%